Welcome to GuidingData!

At GuidingData, everything revolves around data and the tools needed to extract relevant insights from it. We focus primarily on interesting developments in the financial markets, whether it’s analyzing ETFs, stock indices or historical inflation rates. The blog is also meant to be a guide that explains how to get this data and shows ways to analyze it.

The toolbox for analyzing this data is not limited to simple statistical methods. We will also use simulations such as the Monte Carlo method, animations, machine learning algorithms and other data science methods.

Furthermore, we will look at insightful books and scientific publications in the field of Data Science, Finance and Investments.

To implement analyses, we will rely predominantly on the Python programming language, as few other programming languages are better suited for analyzing and preparing data. Python offers various libraries ranging from simple data analysis to machine learning algorithms, which greatly simplify the implementation of such undertakings.

About me: My name is Stefan, I am 30 years old and I studied physics. My passion for the countless ways to analyze data was sparked by my studies. I am convinced that it is not only the appropriate analysis of data that matters. The presentation of the results is equally important.

I myself am firmly convinced of the scientific studies on the superiority of so-called passive investing. Passive investing is forecast-free, non-speculative investing in entire asset classes such as the global stock market on a buy-and-hold basis using ETFs. Unlike active investing, there is no costly and mostly return-damaging attempt to beat the market by market timing or focusing investments on specific stocks. So in this blog we will also look at globally diversified stock indices that form the basis of passive investing.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for an interesting project, drop me an email, get in touch on social media or post a comment.